Readers’ Comments

“A fan of the book said he wished this book had been available in his history class in high school. The book describes a little known slice of history that is told with humor and historical accuracy. How did citizens of two Nations settle boundary issues, with the prospect of the Civil War lurking in their minds and affecting their decisions, when the ramifications of a careless act was so great? You might catch yourself comparing the players’ approach to problem solving with the actions of world leaders today as the author brings the characters in the book to life, loose ends and all.”

“Bunnell has a light, friendly narrative style, and the book is a pleasure to read. The characters are quirky and endearing, and the dialogue flows easily. I found it entertaining, myself, but I think it’s quite approachable (and appropriate) for younger readers, too. It’s a very fun way to approach history.”
— SE

“Michael Bunnell writes about nearly forgotten historical facts in such an engaging fashion that I had a hard time putting the book aside as its story unfolded. This is a fun way for kids and adults alike to learn more about the country we live in. Historical facts, romance, and a fresh peek into the lifestyles of that era all combine to make this book worth your time!”

“Michael Bunnell has written an amusing historical novel about a little known skirmish in the San Juan Islands that nearly turned into a serious international situation. The story line and the crazy characters gave me a grin, a giggle and a laugh. Pick a reading spot and prepare to read the whole story in one sitting. It’s that good.”
— BJ

“What a lovely story to read! Michael really does an amazing job at portraying such an interesting story in American history. I remember reading a bit about this “war” in school, but this book really makes it memorable and very easy to read about over and over again!”

I really enjoyed this witty, lighthearted fictional account of the Pig War in the San Juan Islands. The historical parts were accurate, but accessible, and I actually laughed out loud a number of times.
— S Curry

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