In The Words of Olympic Peninsula Authors

Anthology: In the Words of Olympic Peninsula Authors
Anthology compiled and edited by Heidi Hansen and Linda B. Myers

Fourteen established authors with deep local roots capture the spirit and culture of the Olympic Peninsula in this collection of stories, essays, memoirs, and poems.  

In The Words Of Olympic Peninsula Authors makes great reading ahead of a visit to this world-famous region. It also makes an excellent companion during your stay and a souvenir you’ll want to revisit after you return home.

If you have the good fortune to live on the Olympic Peninsula, you’ll especially appreciate the words of these authors.  

Jan Thatcher Adams MD Craig Andrews Cheryle Hoskins Bigelow
Michael Bunnell Judith R. Duncan Jon Eekhoff
Heidi Hansen Dianne L. Knox Ruth Marcus
Linda B. Myers Elizabeth K. Pratt Linda Sharps
Charlie Sheldon Eva Stanfield  

Read an excerpt here:  Playing In the Dirt with Digger.

Read an excerpt here: Mrs. Peach’s Coin Collection.


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