Electing the King of America


The USA was created because England’s Parliament refused to challenge the lame-brained policies of a king they knew was mentally unstable and ignorant of world affairs. Ordinary people in England and the colonies had no voice in the government, and the handful of men who owned Parliament were happy with what they could plunder from the public purse in spite of (or because of) the idiot at the top.

That’s why our government was designed to let as many ordinary people as possible run the country. It’s why our Constitution requires Congress (supposedly full of ordinary people representing the interests of all the other ordinary people) to make the laws rather than just rubber-stamping whatever the President wants to do. And it’s why the President’s job is supposedly limited to carrying out the agenda set by Congress.

So why did almost all of you decide you wanted to go back to being ruled by a king?

Everything today’s Presidential candidates promise to do is stuff that Congress, not the President, is supposed to do. Most of you expect the President to fill both roles, dictating what the laws will be and then taking any action he pleases to implement them.

Incumbent Presidents demand Congressional support for their own programs, and if they don’t get it they can shut down the entire federal government. If the majority in Congress are of the Prez’s party, they can push through any ill-conceived scheme he proposes. If the majority is of the other party, they can prevent a hearing or a vote on any bill or nomination he or his party supports.

That’s not responsible legislating. That’s plain old butt-kissing.

In mid-term primaries, Congressional candidates in the President’s party try to out-grovel each other in pledging their loyalty to him and their total commitment to his agenda.

Wake up, America. What we have here is King George III and his pucker-up Parliament minus only the silly wigs and costumes. But most of you think voting for your next king (or, as it may be, queen) is democracy in action. It’s really democracy on life support, and you’re pulling the plug. 


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