Among other things, Skookum Bay Publishing is an author’s accomplice. Our services include:  


Depending on the author’s preferences, we can simply identify errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics or make the necessary corrections. 


Again depending on the author’s preferences, we can make suggestions about diction, tone, and style or even rewrite a rough draft to correct these errors as well as problems with structure and coherence.  


We offer small-group workshops as well as individual consultations on all phases of the writing process from initial concept through preparing a proposal to an agent or publisher (you’re not obligated to offer us your book or story, and we’re not obigated to publish it — but we want to help you succeed).


Unlike “subsidy” or “vanity” publishers, who will produce any book for a fee, we work with selected authors through joint venture projects. Publishing costs are shared according to individual agreements under which our only profit is a modest percentage of book sales.

Unlike traditional publishers, we encourage authors to actively participate in decisions about the design and production of their books. We can help authors weigh the merits of print-on-demand (POD) versus traditional short-run printing from any of several established printing shops. This can include helping authors who want the benefits of POD and online distribution while avoiding the pitfalls of self-publishing that often result in books which reviewers and booksellers immediately identify as amateur productions.

Ready to bring your book to market? Let us know how we can help.