American Gypsy

American Gypsy by Michael Bunnell

In 1939, the American Dream was all but dead. Self-reliance and the middle-class work ethic were no defense against a failed economy, a struggling government, and entrenched injustice. But one community still welcomed society’s misfits and refugees: the carnival.

American Gypsy was written as a “period piece”, but it turned out to be a disturbingly accurate look at the attitudes and economics that are currently tearing our country apart.

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Michael Bunnell has raised aphids for the USDA, voiced radio and TV commercials, worked as a deckhand on a shrimp boat, driven trucks and buses, stomped mint, sold Christmas trees, managed a camera store, and more.  A lot more, actually.

Since the age of 18, writing has been the single continuous thread running through the tapestry of an ever-changing mix of jobs which he hesitantly describes as his “career”.  He has published hundreds of essays, scores of magazine articles, and three novels.  He has also written screenplays, TV scripts, news and sports reports, advertisements, and a one-act stage play.  

American Gypsy was inspired by his time spent among gypsies and carnies and his fascination with the elders’ tales of life outside the mainstream from the 1930s through the 1960s.