Skookum Bay Publishing LLC was created to do two things:

(1) Publish and promote books;

(2) Provide support services for authors.

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Too often an author’s unique vision or timely message is blocked by the closed doors of the major publishers and then lost in the jungle of online package deals for self-publishers. If you’re an author, and if the self-publishing packages are too complex or the options too limited, your solution could be to partner with Skookum Bay Publishing LLC. Learn more >>

New friends are always interested in our name. The word “skookum” comes from the Chinook jargon, a mash-up of languages used by early traders and the Pacific Northwest’s indigenous people. Along the coast it means “spirit” or “haunting”, but elsewhere it means “good” or “strong”. The word survives in the names of several bodies of water; but our Skookum Bay (renamed, as so many places were, long ago) lies somewhere between the south end of Puget Sound, the north shore of Patos Island, the mainland shore of Saratoga Passage, and the Pacific Ocean. Given the ravages of population growth and industrial development, it exists today mostly in our hearts.